Ivivva’s “Shake it Up” Disney Inspired Line Scores a Hit

Last summer my daughter signed up for an intensive dance program at the local school of the arts. Although she’s taken dance classes in the past, she’s never taken dance so seriously, strenuously, and for so long. Her days stretched (no pun intended) from 9-4:30.

Finding appropriate dance wear, was a problem. We searched high and low, in stores and on the internet for appropriate active-wear attire for her to wear to class.

It’s hard enough already finding clothing for girls who are “in between”. They’ve outgrown the kid’s section but they don’t quite fit into women’s clothing. Both of my girls have gone through that awkward phase – sometime between a kid’s 10 and a women’s zero where nothing, nothing seems to fit.

I searched high and low for dancewear/athleticwear that didn’t fall down off her slim hips (anything in the women’s department) and that didn’t shame her with too cutesy lil’ ballerina-esque designs. On the occasions when I was lucky enough to find something that fit her, it seemed to fall apart in short order, given the strenuous test of her workouts and frequent washings.

Oh how I wished for something of higher quality, something like my own beloved Lululemon workout clothing.

And like my (or my daughter’s) fairy godmother was listening, Ivivva, a division of Lululemon, launched a line of athletic clothing just for tweens.

My daughter was given a pair of shorts and tank to try from Ivivva’s “Shake it Up” collection. She’s a fan of the show, but it was the actual clothing that won her over. The instant she saw it, she smiled. The designs are cute without being cutesy. On trend and age appropriate (she is 11, almost 12). Both the tank and shorts are made of high quality fabrics, just what you’d expect from Lululemon. They are sure to withstand all she can toss at them – spinning through the dance class and wash without breaking down. My daughter was especially pleased with the tank, which is lined and provides just enough support for a developing girl. Trust me, this is an issue!

The Shake It Up line is currently available online at http://www.ivivva.com. New Shake It Up inspired dancewear will also be created by ivivva for Spring 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Winter 2012.

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