Are You A Mamarazzi? Every Mom’s Guide To Photographing Kids

Photography is a personal passion of mine that blossomed after I gave birth to our first child. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was hang on to every single memory whether it be a facial expression, first step, even as she slept I snapped photos. My husband surprised me later that year with a brand new DSLR, which has yet to leave my side.

Transitioning from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR wasn’t as hard as I would have originally thought, although there was PLENTY of tips and tricks to learn in terms of lighting, ISO, Aperture, etc. Now, four years later I am still in the learning process and continue to learn as I go along.

My favourite subject is of course my children. It brings me enormous joy to capture their smiles, laughter, frowns and even tears (I know I’m bad). A couple of months ago I received the book “Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids” by Stacy Wasmuth. After flipping through, reading and re-reading, I have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect book for parents looking to photograph their kids.

Stacy Wasmuth is a professional photographer and mamarazzo who freely admits that photographing her own children may be her most challenging assignment. In this book she provides tips and tricks that every mom with a camera should know

  • Techniques for capturing genuine expressions instead of cheesy smiles
  • Tips for every age and stage – yes even toddlers and teens!
  • Photography basics – composition, lighting, exposure, focus and white balance
  • Camera settings and lenses, plus techniques you can use with ANY type of camera
  • Why the experience matters more than the perfect shot
  • Effects you can create with different lighting techniques
  • How to pick ideal locations for taking pictures
  • Simple editing tips for making your photos even better

The layout is fantastic and the photos are beautiful, as you can see. The book reads like a chat with your best friend. It is never overwhelming, nor intimidating and provides loads upon loads of useful information.

If you are looking to dive into the world of photography or are just looking for tips on photographing your kids, this is such a great resource!

Price: $19.99 from our affiliate

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