Pinocchio Pencil Sharpeners From Geppeto & Kikkerland

Why no one thought of this sooner, I’ll never know! Have you seen these adorable Pinocchio pencil sharpeners? I stumbled across one while “browser shopping” through Amazon yesterday and after a quick search came across two different variations. The pencil is of course the nose and the more you sharpen (or use your pencil) the nose goes down. I guess you could consider that a “reward” for writing, no?

The Geppeto Pencil sharpener pictured above is available for purchase through our affiliate for $12.99.

If you prefer the vintage Pinocchio, Kikkerland sells their own version made out of beech wood. The sharpener comes with one HB graphite pencil and kids will get a kick out of how the shavings are emptied through its mouth.

Price: $9.99 through

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