Crafty Tuesdays Featuring: Feelings Collages

This week, my daughter and I have been talking a lot about feelings. This craft — inspired by the Feelings Art Activity segment from Ruby’s Studio — has become something she’s asked to do every single day and I’m happy to oblige! While working on this project together, you’ll get to help your child learn about how their face changes while experiencing different emotions. You can even have your little ones look in a mirror to try and draw the faces they see when they are happy, sad, frustrated and more.

For this simple activity, you’ll need:

Paper: Any kind, really. We used plain old printer paper and some heavier card stock since it was close at hand. Feel free to experiment with colours and textures for an added sensory element. Construction paper would be just fine too!

Markers: Or crayons, pencil crayons, pens, paints — you name it!

Glue: We used plain old white school glue, but a glue stick would be fine as well. I offered a glue stick, but honestly, my three-year-old had just as much fun playing with the drippy glue as she did the rest of the project.

Scissors: Safety scissors for those old enough to use them, or you can help your tiny tots by cutting for them. Next time I will cut out the shapes first, then give them to my daughter to decorate.

01. Have your child draw faces featuring different feelings. You can either draw circles (or other shapes) first, so that smaller children have a starting point, or simply get your kiddos to draw the feelings they are thinking about. Talk about how eyes and mouths change when we feel different things.

02. Ask your child to talk about each face and feeling. Ask them how they are feeling while working on their craft!

03. Cut out, or assist your child in cutting out each feelings face. My daughter really loved having a whole pile of these to play with for a while — lining them up, sorting them, putting them in a small tin or box — before moving on to the next step!

04. You child can now glue their faces, in whichever configuration they desire, onto a new piece of paper, creating a special feelings collage.

05. All done! These beauties are ready to hang in her bedroom, or family space, to talk about as often as she’d like.

It is truly fascinating to see how your child might depict different emotions and feelings. I loved watching my daughter talk about what each little face was feeling, and which feelings she drew most often. We’ve done this activity a handful of times this week and the faces are changing a bit each day. I love seeing the colours she chooses and how she decided to glue her images. This is definitely an activity which kids and parents will get a LOT out of!

I hope you’ll try this out with kids of all ages!

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