Food Friday Featuring: Simple 1 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Machine Needed!)

This past week I have had many ideas for Food Friday recipes. I had a winner recipe all picked out and ready to go, when all of a sudden I found myself staring down a massive pile of overripe bananas. The obvious choice for overripe bananas is a batch of muffins or loaf of banana bread, but I always find that I am still left with a ton of bananas even after making these labor-intensive (read: too many messy dishes) baking recipe.

Luckily I remembered reading about the now famous one-ingredient ice cream, made using only frozen bananas. Sure, it is the winter, but this recipe could turn into something amazing that I can make time and time again. If it were actually as easy as it sounds.

After whipping up a batch rather quickly, I am here to confess that one-ingredient banana ice cream really is all it’s cracked up to be. It is so simple! And healthy! And – you can add different ingredients to it to spruce it up (hello chocolate chips).



6-8 overripe bananas


– Peel bananas and slice down the middle or cut into chunk. Lay on wax/parchment paper and freeze

– 2+ hours later process in food processor until smooth

(Optional: add chocolate chips, peanut butter, nutella, etc once smooth!)

– Refreeze and scoop out, or serve immediately

Yield: 6 Cups Ice Cream

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