Great Wolf Lodge Invites Families On An Exciting Adventure With MagiQuest

It all began with a mysterious invitation that I received back in December. A scepter in a box filled with raffia. Several days later we received a scroll inviting us to a special press event in Niagara Falls at the Great Wolf Lodge. Now, when I received the invitation I was highly intrigued. As a family who has been to the Great Wolf Lodge a few times, we were well aware that scepters and magic wands weren’t exactly ‘Great Wolf Lodge’ material.

Last month we visited the lodge and got the full scoop. Families who are fans of one of North America’s most exciting indoor waterparks are in for a real treat because now not only can you have a blast in the waterpark, arcade and other facilities, you can also take part in the new live-action, role playing game MagiQuest®. This interactive adventure is set in a mythical world where players go on a quest in an enchanted world using magic wands to uncover the mysteries of the game. Each player or ‘Magi’ is given a wand which interacts with the various props in the game and allows you to make your way through Magi Training.

We began at the starting point and as you can see our wands were already ‘magically’ loaded with our information. We then made our way through the halls casting spells and revealing hidden treasures.

My girls are mega wand/princess buffs, so they adored the wand concept and magical touches. I will note however that this game is definitely more suited to children over the age of 6, to to the intricacy and detailed concept. The bonus however, is that parents will have fun too. Unlike kiddie attractions which tend to cater strictly to kids, MagiQuest holds an appeal to older children, teens and adults alike.

If you don’t have a chance to finish the entire game, all is not lost. The wands record the player’s achievements allowing them to continue their quest on future visits. If you do finish the entire adventure you can reuse your wand and have it reactivated during your next visit.

Pretty cool huh?

Great Wolf Lodge offers so much for families, but I think that the addition of MagiQuest was a smart one. Between the indoor and outdoor waterparks, themed restaurants, a spa for adults, a separate ‘Scoops Spa’ for kids, the ‘Cub Club’ activity and craft room, arcade, fitness centre and outdoor mini golf, Great Wolf Lodge truly caters to all ages.

Stay tuned for our full review of the resort!

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