Spineless Classics Takes Your Favourite Books Beyond The Shelf

I consider myself a bit of a typography nerd, so when I was first introduced to these gorgeous works of art from Spineless Classics I was absolutely tickled! Reading books as a child shaped me into the mother I am today, and I take no greater pleasure than snuggling up with my daughter at night with a favourite, classic story in our hands.

Spineless Classics have taken our most beloved tombs and texts to the next level, by incorporating their stories into complex and visually engaging wall art. These special posters feature a memorable scene from their respective tales, formed by the actual words of the story. With excellent eyesight, one could quite literally follow along with the adventures of Peter Pan and triumphs of The Wizard of Oz.

A wonderful range of stories are available for your walls, not limited to sagas for the younger demographic. Titles such as Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, Black Beauty, Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby.

These conversation pieces are quite large – approximately three-feet wide – and would be the perfect focal point for your budding bookworm. One more thing that I’m VERY happy to report: The fine folks at Spineless Classics have taken it upon themselves to make prints available in sizes which correspond to the RIBBA frames from IKEA! We love a tip off like that!

If you interested in bringing home one of these impressive posters home, visit the Spineless Classics of Australia website to order internationally (for a flat rate of $35). If you’re located in the UK, check out Spineless Classics UK.

Source: Cool Mom Picks.

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