“Brand” New Moms Feeling Pressured – Are You One Of Them?


Any new parent has been there – the exciting preparation of welcoming your little one into the world. A picture perfect nursery including all the necessities required, such as a crib, change table, and matching dresser and of course, a new crib set which defines the atmosphere of the room and ultimately delight us and ups our anticipation. The rest of the must haves – car seats, strollers, etc – are no exception. I remember those days well, and I know I am not alone.

Is there a downside to this sort of preparation? Did you feel pressured to buy the best of the best when you were expecting your first child? A new study released last week has shown that there is in fact quite a bit of pressure on first time parents to skip over the lower cost items and head to the brand name aisle.

Kelton Research has determined through an extensive study what Moms today are feeling surrounding their new baby purchases. The figures are below:

 – 58% are consumed by “thoughts about what products they need to buy their babies” daily.

– 37% feel guilty “about not being able to afford a specific baby product”

– 59% are “stressed about their personal financial situation or the economy”

The research also shows that Moms are cutting back in other areas of their lives, but giving our babies the best is the top priority, above saving for the future of the baby even. It also discusses the high figure of advertising dollars ($688 million) from formula companies and the guilt that Moms feel about purchasing infant formula.

– 68 percent “believe a heftier price tag for formula means that it’s a better quality product”

– 49 percent “believe name brand formulas offer more nutritional value than their significantly less expensive store brand counterparts”

Above all, the research has shed light on the process of why Moms are making these purchases and feeling the guilt. The main reason is that those who are entering parenthood are absorbing all things baby, including all forms of baby related advertising. The ads are out there, and we are buying them. Mommy guilt clearly kicks in before our babies are even born.

Do you remember your first baby prep? Did you feel pressured to buy brand name goods? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the article.

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