Food Friday Featuring Super Bowl Food Ideas

Super Bowl isn’t Super Bowl without plenty of snacks and munchies, so I scouted out some of the most popular, shall I say “trendiest” food ideas and recipes for everyone’s favorite sports weekend. Sports loving kids will not only love eating this Football Pizza, they’ll love making it too! Easy as pie and fast to boot, thanks to Pillsbury.

The Buffalo Chicken Wing Super Bowl Cupcakes above may very well be one of the oddest and strangest recipe ideas I’ve ever seen. As I am vegetarian, they don’t appeal to me personally, however I was intrigued with the recipe. Go on, take a look and tell me what you think. Regardless of how you feel, you have to admit the photo is fascinating.

These Fabulous Filbert Football Cookies (aka Super Bowl Cookies) are cute and easy for kids to put together. Also, any recipe that combines white chocolate chips with hazelnuts has to be good!

Guacamole is a must of course, although I have to say I would probably omit the cilantro as my kiddos aren’t big fans.

Babble has a great recipe for sliders, a nice solution to a full-size burger (especially for little fingers).

Speaking of Babble, if you are looking for another great round-up of Super Bowl eats, be sure to visit The Family Kitchen!

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