Margarita Activewear: Bright, BOLD & Beautiful Clothes For Yoga, Zumba & Dance!

When it comes to colours and designs, workout and yoga clothes definitely lean more towards the basic/subtle variety. Recently, I was introduced to a company that adds everything from embroidery and huge punches of colour to their activewear.

Margarita Activewear is a company based out of Israel that manufactures workout clothing for the adventurous woman. Inspired by the Latin culture, this compnay wanted to provide clothing that performed well, but provided a new vision and esthetic style that was different from other brands. They first launched ten years ago and have doubled their production year after year due to the popularity of Margarita’s bright colours, batik, cutouts and embroidered apparel.

Now, to make it clear I am far from an adventurous dresser. Let’s put it this way – I like colour and embellishments but in moderation. Although I wear activewear on a daily basis, I wasn’t expecting to find anything that I truly loved from this company until I stumbled across this gorgeous embroidered Yogini top and matching capris. The black is right up my alley and the embroidery is just stunning in person!

As you know I am a stickler when it comes to quality in yoga and workout clothes, but I was very surprised by how well these pieces are made. Several years ago, Lululemon used a thicker fabric with their Groove Pant and have since modified and changed it to a thinner one. Margarita Activewear seems to use something along the lines of what Lululemon used to be as the Yogini top feels like it’s made from that same fabulous fabric.

I put the top to the test last week and was happy on all counts. These pieces are perfect for Yoga, Zumba, Dance Aerobics or any other form of exercise where you would require a good amount of movement. The only thing I will mention is to watch out for sizing. Margarita is a little on the smaller size, so if you are between sizes, go up one! Sizes range from 1, 2, 3 and 4 (small, medium, large and extra large).

Prices are high, but in-line with those of the same quality. I don’t think they are overpriced for the quality you receive. If you live in the USA or Canada, you can buy this line directly through ActivewearUSA.

Disclosure: Thanks to Activewear USA for sending us a sample for review!

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