The Airline That Caters To Pregnant Women & Babies ~ Yes It Does Exist!

In 2011, there was quite a bit of hoopla surrounding the airline industry, with lines such as Malaysia Airlines making it crystal clear that babies on board were not welcome and going so far as to actually banning infants on their flights. This news was extremely disheartening to many, myself included. The very idea that children can be actually ‘banned’ from being transported via plane is ridiculous.

Anyhow, there is one airline that is not only embracing infant travel, they are catering to pregnant women and infants!

Asiana Airlines is one out of two major airlines in South Korea and they are offering a special services for expectant moms called ‘Pre-Mom Service’.  According to Yahoo Travel, pregnant women who fly with the airline are treated to seats near the bathroom, warm socks and a special high-priority luggage delivery service upon landing. The line welcomes women who are in all stages of their pregnancy, however if you are 32 weeks or over it is required that you provide written permission from your family doctor.

For women flying with a child under 2 years of age, the “Happy Mom” service, is available on flights longer than 10 hours. Not only will you be welcomed at exclusive check-in counters, the airline also provides a nursing cover free of charge.

How refreshing! Wouldn’t it be nice if all airlines followed suit? Could this be the way of future family air travel?

Source: Babble

Photo: Wikipedia

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