Kate Moss & Her Daughter Lila To Launch Kids’ Fashion Line For Girls? Not So Fast!

The fashion world was abuzz last week in regards to recent reports that Kate Moss‘ daughter Lila Grace is following her mother’s footsteps by entering the fashion world – not as a model but as a fashion designer. According to reports the nine-year-old teamed up with her mom and British high street store Debenhams to design a new fashion line  of “funky tweenage” designs for girls that was rumoured to be  released in summer 2012.

Well, don’t believe everything you read! Last week ELLE Magazine picked up the phone and spoke to Debenhams personally. The company shot down the rumours and said there are no such plans in the works.

In other news, the fur hat you see Lila wearing in the photo above is a girls’ Grey Wolf SpiritHood ($79), one of the hottest new accessories to hit stores this year. They are so popular, even the Muppets have their own versions.

Photo Credit: INFPhoto

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