The Wooden Horse Toy Store Makes Online Shopping For The Holidays A Breeze


My nephews live far away from my small Ontario town across the country and over the border in Northern California. Birthday and holiday celebrations can be difficult when the distance gets in the way, but I have found myself a solution in the form a of a local toy store – The Wooden Horse Toys.

The Wooden Horse Toys is located in Los Gatos, California, and according to my Mother-In-Law, is the closest thing to a classic toy store as you can get. The best part for me however, is their online shop, loaded with tons of great gift ideas.

The products at this toy store stand out to me. They are different, and creative, and there truly is something for every kid out there.  My favorite parts are the Best Sellers and Staff Picskssection, which I frequent in order to see what the cool and fun toys are of the moment. This is helpful if you are clueless about certain age groups.

You can shop by age or by type of product, and the store ships to anywhere in the US. The customer service was superb (one staff member actually DELIVERED the gifts to my nephews because it was so close!) and the sheer amount of selection makes this online shop a worthwhile visit.

Visit The Wooden Horse for more details and to view their entire product line.


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