Review: Burley D’Lite Trailer ~ The Crème de la Crème Of Bicycle Trailers

Burley is a brand that keeps coming up in conversation among professionals and non-professionals alike, and for good reason. The company is actually the worldwide leaders in bicycle trailer design and have been for over 30 years! I had the pleasure of taking a look at their line-up during the ABC 2010 expo, but never had the chance to test them out myself.

Our first bike trailer was purchased through Costco 5 years ago and we were fairly pleased with it, which is why I didn’t see the need to upgrade to a Burley. When Burley contacted me asking as to whether or not I would be interested in reviewing their D’Lite Trailer, I was up for the challenge and excited to see what all the fuss was about!

After putting the trailer together, installing it on my bike and taking a few spins around the block I could definitely see why so many people rave about this brand. Comparing the Burley D’Lite bike trailer to a standard bike trailer is like comparing a souffle to a pudding. There is no contest.

Assembly was fairly simple and I was able to put the entire trailer together without any help from my husband (a miracle, thank you very much). The instructions are very straightforward and it isn’t rocket science. It took me less than 20 minutes to put the whole thing together. What I did need help with was installing the trailer on my bike. I held the bike up while my husband threaded it through. ;)

The Burlely is very rugged and sits higher than my previous trailer. It felt very solid and secure once installed on my bike and there was no rocking or tilting during our ride. Riding this trailer is a dream – even when loaded with a 5 and 3 year old… and even when you are 39 weeks pregnant. Yes, I tried it during as well as after my pregnancy!

The Burley D’Lite features a full elastomer suspension system. You can definitely feel the difference when riding over pot holes or going over bumps. It is a very, very comfortable ride.

The seats are lined with a cushioned seat pad. Even the 5 point harness has pads to protect your child! My daughters were very comfortable in these seats and the nice thing about the padding is that it can be removed and thrown in the washing machine in case of any spills.

If you check out the seat, you’ll notice that there is a space between the seat and the ceiling, this helmet pocket ensures that your child’s helmet doesn’t force their head forward with a fully covered seat. Combined with the reclining seat, your child can lie back and enjoy the ride with ease. The reclining seat is actually one of the main features that provided a comfortable ride for my kids. All of the bike trailers I have seen and experienced have a seat that goes straight up and down. There is no recline and not much give, so if your child falls asleep their head will slump over.

A bike trailer is always a little tight for two, which is why the bowed sides are so great. This little feature provides just that little bit of extra room for the kids, making the ride just that much more enjoyable.

The vinyl windows are tinted so the sun won’t be glaring in your kids’ faces during your ride. The adjustable sunshade can be rolled up or down, depending on how you are traveling, the weather and your preference. Another great feature with the all weather cover is that it is outfitted with waterproof zippers for rainy (and snowy) days. Snow you ask? Why would you bike out in the snow? Well, I wouldn’t personally and sadly our bikes stay in the garage until Spring arrives, but I will still be using the Burley during the winter months, because it converts into a stroller with the Two Wheel Stroller Kit ($69).

Thanks to the conversion and with the all-weather cover, large 20 inch wheels and comfy seats, I’ll be able to bring my kids out into town while running errands during blustery days.

The trailer itself weighs 28 lbs and can hold 2 children up to a combined total of 100 lbs. I also just found out that the Burley has an insert available for infants called the Burley Snuggler. Although I didn’t get the chance to try it out, you can be sure I’ll be ordering it in the near future so that I can use this with my son.

Additional features (pulled from Burley’s site:

  • Available in Green or Orange
  • Replacement covers available in Yellow, Blue or Red
  • Exclusive height-adjustable handlebar that doubles as roll bar
  • Five-point harness and padded shoulder harness
  • Removable, washable seat pad and shoulder harness
  • Parking brake

Would I recommend Burley over the standard bike trailer? Without a doubt. This trailer outshines the one I used as a child as well as the few I’ve tested with my own kids, I was extremely impressed! The quality can’t be beat and it is sure to withstand years of use!

Price:  $579.00 – You can view a list of available retailers through Burley’s Store Finder.

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