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The Thanksgiving holiday is a thing of the past here in Canada where Nadia and I live, but our friends down south will be celebrating in a couple of weeks. For those readers living on other continents I thought I would provide you with a Thanksgiving history lesson of sorts. The holiday is celebrated primarily in North America, though there is well over a months difference between Canadian and American celebrations.

Why the discrepancy in dates? In Canada Martin Frobisher can be credited for starting the Thanksgiving tradition. After a long journey from England to present-day Nunavut in the 1500’s, Frobisher was thankful for his safe arrival. The very first Thanksgiving in Canada was not a thanks for an abundance of food, it was a thanks for arriving safe and sound.

The American version of Thanksgiving has different versions, and according to, the first Thanksgiving occurred in 1621. Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians enjoyed a huge meal together to celebrate the Fall harvest. This tradition spread out and was celebrated around the states until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln officially declared Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday each November.

With that minor history lesson wrapped, we thought we would share some fun Thanksgiving crafts for the kids! We have included a variety of both simple and advanced, which will require help from an adult.

Enjoy! And for those living in other countries please share your country’s Thanksgiving traditions below!

Paper Pumpkin Ornaments ~ Hostess Blog



Turkey Table Topper ~ Family Fun


Mosaic Cornucopia ~ Family Fun Crafts


Leaf Wreath ~ Martha Stewart


DThanksgiving Craft Tree ~ Amazing Moms

DIY Turkey Wreath ~ See Jane Go To School ($8 USD)


Dried Bean Indian Corn ~ All Kids Network

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