Review: Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat

I doubt very much that there is an infant car seat that has ever traveled as much as our Britax Chaperone has in such a short period of time. Since my son was born 9 weeks ago, we’ve used this literally every day, for walks, drives and even plane rides (8 to be exact). As with all Britax products, the Chaperone infant car seat offers the best in quality with the highest safety standards and offers a great ride for your little one. 

(Just in case you were wondering I took this picture without securing him in his seat for photo purposes only. I DO make sure he is buckled in before taking him on any outings). :)


Installation is quite simple and straightforward. You simply insert using the push-button LATCH connectors and then thread the seat belt through the grooves in the base and then snap the seat belt lock offs shut.

It would be nice if more car seat companies integrated something like Britax’s lock off system as it eliminated the ’tilt’ so often caused when installing a seat using the shoulder belt.

The seat itself offers a “No Re-thread Harness Adjustment” so there is no need to thread prior to use or to disassemble as your child gets older. The straps can be adjusted by pressing the botton underneath the cover and pulling the straps at the same time. To adjust the harness height, you just lift the back lever and slide it up or down to the next slot. Very simple and convenient!

The seat can accommodate children between the weights of 4 to 30 pounds and heights all the way up to 32 inches. If you have a small or premature baby, the seat accommodates them with the included low birth weight foam insert that provides a more comfortable fit. To use the foam you simply slip it under the cover of the car seat to lift the baby up high enough to fit the harness (lowest slots fit approximately 7 inches).

What We Liked:

There is a fairly wide shade on this seat to protect your child from the elements. We have not yet purchased a sun shade for our passenger window as the depth of this shade was suitable enough for me to block the sun shining in from the passenger seat.

The infant head protector provides a very snug fit (even for newborns) as the cushions are quite firm and wide (much more so than the ones on our previous seat). Because of this, it is very seldom that I adjust my son’s head because the fit is so secure. In addition, the seat cover, strap and matching belly pads are very cushy and plush, so they make for a more comfortable ride for your baby. You don’t have to worry about the edges of the belt rubbing against their legs or face, as the pads protect against that.

Britax’s Chaperone is stroller compatible with all of the Britax strollers and uses what they call a Click & Go adapter system. Using this with the B-READY has been a breeze as once the adapters are installed, all you have to do is click the seat into the stroller base. Because I’ve been traveling by my self on quite a few of these trips, the simplicity of the click & go was a lifesaver. When you are juggling an infant and carryons, complicated doesn’t work so well.





What We Didn’t Like:

One thing that took me aback during installation was the location of the bubble levelers. They work well, but they are installed on the seat instead of the base. I had no trouble getting the proper level in our vehicle, however it was a little more difficult trying to do the same in other vehicles.

Another issue I wfound was with the length of the seat. The anti-rebound bar on the base takes up more room and makes the entire unit quite long, so I had to adjust the front seat of the vehicle in order to accommodate the length of the seat. It ‘just’ fits in our Ford Flex, but if your car, truck or SUV has a more narrow seating area, I would suggest testing it out before purchasing, or contacting Britax to get the exact measurements from front to back.

All-in-all I am very pleased with the Britax Chaperone. My son has been happy as a clam on all outings and sleeps soundly in the Chaperone. Paired with the B-READY stroller, the Chaperone is ideal for our lifestyle and highly suitable for heavy travel.

Price: The Chaperone retails for $229.99 through Britax retailers across the country, however you can also purchase the seat through our affiliate for $166.49 right now. The seat is available in 6 fashions; Black/Silver, Cowmooflage, Green and Red, Moonstone and Red Mill (red with grey trim).

Disclosure: The Britax Chaperone was sent to me in order to facilitate this review. As always the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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