UNICEF USA Makes It Easy To Give Back This Holiday Season

With Halloween behind us and the Holiday season is just around the corner, many people are already making their lists and checking them twice! Holiday shopping will be in full force anytime, which equates to chaos in the shops. Luckily we have the ability to shop online, and this has certainly taken some of the stress out of the busy shopping season.

One of my favorite things about shopping online, is the huge variety of options. For years I have turned to the internet for wooden alternatives to cheap plastic toys, which were much more difficult to find a few years ago! Recently I learned of another fantastic shopping option which actually saves lives – UNICEF USA’s ‘Gifts That Give Back’ and Inspired Gift lines.

UNICEF USA has had holiday cards for some time, but this year their Inspired Gift program takes the giving further by allowing you to actually purchase life-saving supplies such as water kitsvaccines, mosquito nets, bicycles, and complete “school in a box” or “recreation” kits. Prices vary, and include the option of dedicating the purchase to someone you love, and sending them a card to inform them of the gift in their name. UNICEF will send the gifts where they are most needed.

The organization is also offering Gifts which include gorgeous holiday decorations, books and puzzles, and their ever popular holiday cards. When you purchase from the UNICEF USA shop, a portion of each sale will go toward supporting UNICEF programs. You can also purchase their cards at various locations such as Pier 1 and IKEA, where a portion from these sales will go straight to UNICEF.

It is so refreshing to see an organization thinking of ways to involve each of us individually and allow us the opportunity to help make a difference. You can even view a map that shows the number of Inspired Gifts that have been sent. Visit UNICEF USA for more information and to begin your feel-good holiday shopping.

Photo: UNICEF Facebook

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