Review: Dansko Clogs & Shoes ~ Matching Footwear For Moms & Daughters

There is nothing my girls like more than to match with mama. They try to mimic my every move, whether it be the way  I move my hands when I talk to to way I style my hair. Whatever mama is doing, my girls want to do.

When I received a pair of black patent Dansko Mary Janes along with a pair of matching red ones, you can only imagine the thrill of my eldest. She has been wearing those bright, shiny red clogs since the day we received them and coincidentally they match perfectly with her red wool coat.

Dankso is a trusted shoe brand that has been around for years (over 2 decades to be exact) and have become a favorite with both retailers and consumers. The company actually came about ‘by accident’ by a husband and wife team who while running a successful horse-training business, stumbled across a pair of “incredibly comfortable” Danish-made clogs. They started selling them as a side business and well.. the rest is history!

I have been wearing my Maeve Black Patent clogs quite frequently. testing them out during market runs, while traveling and even during a couple of conference I attended recently. My one worry was getting the patent leather scuffed as they are so shiny, but they still look spiffy and there is no dulling anywhere to be seen. Same goes with my daughter’s Jamie clogs.

Aren’t the punched out hearts such a sweet touch? This Mary Jane version of the original clog offers the same supportive footbed with a modified rocker bottom and lowered heel that has been specifically designed and engineered for kids. They are sturdy enough to skip and run in and yet at the same time look chic enough to wear during special occasions or with dressier outfits. They are a great all-in-one shoe, suitable for any and all occasions.

There are several other styles that can easily be mixed and matched to create even more mom-daughter looks, but these two were my absolute favorite. You can purchase the Jamie and Maeve clogs in fine shoe retailers, online retailers like or check the Dansko online outlet for occasional deals.

Prices range from $90-$140 (Maeve Black Patent clogs are currently on sale through our affiliate Amazon for $113.50 and the Jamie clogs are on from $50-$70).

*Thank you to Dansko for sending us shoes for review purposes. As always, the views above are mine and mine alone.*

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