New For Bugaboo: Beautiful Blue, Fresh Accessories & Important Safety Information On The Bee

The big news from Bugaboo came last year when they gave everyone a sneak peek look at their first double stroller – the Donkey. This year, there aren’t any major announcements but there are a couple of new products and accessories to look forward to as well as some important safety information on the Bee.

First off is Bugaboo’s new stroller color. This beautiful shade of blue will be available with the Cameleon. There is also a neat little snack tray coming out that clicks on to the strollers.

There is also a brand new snack tray coming out. It clips on to the Bugaboo strollers so your child can enjoy snacks on the go.

Two days ago, Bugaboo released some safety information on the Bee’s non-swiveling wheels. Apparently some customers were experiencing issues with the wheels. Bugaboo commented saying:

Our investigations have led us to conclude that the solution to prevent shimmying wheels by changing the original metal bearing wheels to plastic bearing wheels has, as an unintended consequence, led to an increased probability for non-swiveling wheels and a safety risk. If you are experiencing non-swiveling wheels, please find more information on the service solution bugaboo is offering to all bugaboo bee customers (with a Bugaboo Bee production date January 2011 up to and including September 2011) at or contact [email protected] We will do our utmost to assist you in solving this issue as quickly as possible.

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