Drool Monkey Organics: Eco Friendly Teething Options For Babies

With children over 3, I’m definitely out of the “baby stage.” However, currently I seem to be surrounded with many women who are pregnant, and it’s getting to the time where I need to start thinking about shower gifts. I used to own an organic baby shop, and one of my favourite things to do is gather a collection of organic goodies and put them all together to make an eco-friendly basket stuffed with teethers, clothing, glass baby bottles and more.

I thought I had a pretty good idea of the teething products on the market, of course Sophie the Giraffe is always the biggest hit, and there are a couple of great Canadian options as well that I have always liked. Recently, I was introduced a rather new organic teether, by Drool Monkey Organics called, an Organic Teethie Lovie. They are soft 100% organic cotton blanket that includes a built in teether with a monkey stitched in, so cute.

The teether is made of fabric that wicks away moisture to prevent your baby from getting  a rash, which is clever, but I think my favourite part is that it doubles as a blankie or even a nursing cover. As a parent become more reliant on items that eliminate the need for other items, the less you have to carry around the better!

Drool Monkey Organics , created by mompreneur Kamala Corkin, also makes a line of Organic Hankies, which I totally love and have never really thought of using before. What a great thing to teach your child, to use something reusable instead of the Tissues we are so used to tossing. And of course, they are chemical and dye-free!

Visit Drool Monkey Organics today to learn more about these eco-friendly products. They would make great gifts, but the appear that they would make things a bit easier in any parents life.


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