Accessories For Newborns: The Necessities & Must-Haves For Baby

Shopping for babies is a joy in itself and like many parents I am forever swooning at adorable dresses, little outfits and mini shoes. Although it isn’t hard to find beautiful baby clothes and tiny footwear, I’ve found that when it comes to accessories, well.. it’s a little more difficult to locate pieces that perform as they should.

For example, until the birth of my second child, I was unable to find a suitable baby hat that wouldn’t shrink down three sizes after washing. Baby socks that didn’t slide or roll off my newborn’s tiny toes seemed impossible to find and baby booties? Well, let’s just say I’ve lost many a shoe with both of my girls thanks to the countless pairs that have popped off their feet!

Luckily, after some trial, error and a whole lot of testing I came across some incredibly brands that have yet to let me down!

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