Did You Know TOMS Has Their Own Eyewear Line?

You all know how much I adore TOMS and their mission to put new shoes on children’s feet for every pair purchased? Well, Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS has done something even greater with his company. During his travels he came to the conclusion that TOMS could be so much more than just a shoe company and after witnessing so much poverty in the communities he was serving decided to do something about it.

Because sight is such a fundamental need, glasses seemed like a natural extension to TOMS. Nearly 284 million people in the world are visually impaired and 90% of those live in developing countries. Over 18 million of those people suffering from blindness or impaired vision are children who are often unable to go to school because of their condition.

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Magic World Russia: Plans For Russia’s First Destination Resort Theme Park Are Released!

St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia


Move over Disney!

Plans to build the most “unique and compelling entertainment destination resorts in the world”, have been released and from the sounds of it Magic World Russia is going to be incredible! Designed as both a destination resort for families and visitors who wish to stay for several days, as well as day visitors alike, Magic World Russia is designed to attract 10-12 million visitors a year.

Conveniently located just 50 kilometres from Moscow on over 600 acres of land, this fantasy world will be filled with spectacular sites, rides, resorts and experiences, while generating thousands of jobs in Russia and hundreds in Southern California. Building the project is projected to cost over $2.5 billion!

World renowned for their contributions to the design, construction and operation of leading entertainment destination resorts and theme parks, Gary Goddard Entertainment Design (a division of Goddard Group), ProFun Management Group, and (it) Brand Studios are just a few among the California companies participating in a consortium organized by MIG 2000 for Magic World Russia. Gary Goddard, CEO and Chairman of the Goddard Group, will be overseeing the entire design of the Magic World Russia project. Goddard includes Universal Studios, Six Flags Corporation, Warner Bros. and Paramount Parks as just a few of his clients.

Among the parks and attractions planned for Magic World Russia, 80% of which will be covered in order to offer a year round experience, are:

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5 Adorable Ways To Celebrate The Loss Of Your Child’s First Tooth

I am not yet at the stage where my children are losing their teeth, but if my memory serves me correct it is a magical and important event for every child. Much like the story of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy adds another fun and whimsical element to childhood that as adult, evokes feelings of nostalgia from the good old days of my youth.

The excitement and anticipation that comes along with that first loose tooth cannot be erased from memory with time. And isn’t that one of the best parts of being a parent, the fact that we are able to relive our childhood through our own children’s eyes.

As with much of modern life, losing a tooth is not necessarily the simple and straightforward event that it used to be. In my home took the traditional route of putting the tooth underneath our pillows, in exchange we would wake up to a shiny coin or two. Today there are many options for parents that wish to make the experience memorable, and below we have rounded up our favourites.

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