Disney Visits India For Their June ‘It’s A Small World’ Fashion Collection

When the news first broke that Disney would be debuting their ‘It’s a Small World’ collection, we were naturally quite excited, however I wasn’t sure what to expect from the photos that were provided. Would the pieces be your average merchandise stamped with a few Disney pictures or was this to be something more?

Disney launched the first out of 4 collections (their Japanese inspired line) back in May and then debuted their India collection in June. I was able to test out a few pieces from the first two collections a couple a few weeks ago and was thrilled with several aspects.

Featuring the whimsical imagery of celebrated artist Mary Blair, this collection is inspired by Disney’s most beloved attraction “it’s a small world” and offers a few surprises along the way. For example, for the Japanese line, the little boys’ bodysuit is embellished with an appliqued koi fish and next to the fish is the embroidered word ‘konichiwa’ (meaning ‘good afternoon’ in English). There is a small mountain with ‘fuzzy’ snow on the peak.

The little socks from Trumpette are beyond adorable (but would you really expect any less of Trumpette?) and come in the same little gift box we adore.

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Little ‘touchy/feelie” details make this an adorable and whimsical line that I personally adore. The India Summer collection is especially stunning and features bold colors and symbols found in the original Small World art of India. For adults, there are also Small World inspired FEED bags and diaper bags from Petunia Pickle Bottom too.

As part of the philanthropic give-back, Disney is partnering with FEED Projects, to offer pieces in each seasonal delivery that will provide Vitamin A tablets to children in third world countries that are in need. So far, 2,972,800 million children have been provided with Vitamin A tablets from this program since March.

The celebration will continue this year with two additional deliveries: Scottish Fall and Russian Holiday, so stay tuned! You can find the latest line in Nordstrom or on Nordstrom.com.

*Thank you to Disney for providing us with samples for review purposes.*

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