Waldorf Inspired Dolls: The Natural & Simplistic Alternative To Plastic

Victorian Style Mother With Stroller – Stitch Creations – $40.00 USD

We are nearing the end of our Best of Waldorf week, and have up to this point touched on the history of Rudolph Steiner and Waldorf education. We have also rounded-up for you our top picks for Waldorf-inspired blocks, doll and treehouses, and today we will feature what I consider the most popular Waldorf item, the doll.

Waldorf-dolls are known for their simplistic design, and usually, an expressionless look upon their faces. This lack of expression is meant to encourage your child to use their imagination when playing with the doll.

One amazing thing I learned while researching these beautiful dolls is that almost every single doll that is made and out on the market is made using only the most natural ingredients, including organic batting, and hand dyed wools. In addition to pure ingredients, the dolls are almost always handmade, which you can tell just by looking at the quality.

We hope you enjoy our selection, it was difficult to choose with all of the options out there, but we wanted to include a wide range of Waldorf-inspired dolls, including the mini Tree House Fairy version at the bottom, as well as the hanging doll which would make a great gift. There is a little something for everyone here!


Mini It’s Me Elina Doll- Kathe Kruse via Blueberry Forest – $71.95 USD

Harvest Fairy Maiden with Cornucopia – Rebecca Varon by Nushkie – $62.00 USD


Hanging Sweetheart Fairy – Rumplefeltskin – $18.00 AUD

Waldorf Cuddle Baby – Three Sisters Toys – $32.95 USD


Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll – Bella Luna Toys – $115.95 USD


Tree House Family Fairy Dolls – Bella Luna Toys – $29.95 USD

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