Playgrounds Built For Royalty

Every trip to Costco lands me in the same place, “Mom, I think we should go play on that playground…” That playground is actually a display unit, but I can see a twinkle in my sons eye when he stares up at it, in all of its wooden glory. The price tag is steep, and my husband thinks the novelty will wear off, but I am not so sure.

I am sure however, that my boys would not get sick of one of these CedarWorks playgrounds, which are fit for little Princes and Princesses with their grandeur and beauty.

The Serendipity 7 (see top photo) from the Serendipity series is my favorite by far, and just look how many children you can fit up on the many areas of playground. Clearly this is more appropriate for a school, but it is nice to dream of it in my backyard!

Visit CedarWorks to view the complete line, and contact the company for a quote on pricing. The company also has some more average sized playgrounds as well.

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