Disney Parks Announces Another Price Hike For Their Tickets

Thinking about heading to Disney? You may want to check the pricing first as yesterday (June 12) tickets received a bit of a hike at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Bryan Malenius, a spokesperson for Disney commented on the price hike saying:

“We regularly evaluate and adjust our pricing and continue to focus on providing one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences at a great value.

Our research tells us that nearly all our guests agree that a Disney theme park experience is a strong value.”

This is the second price increase in less than a year! For Disney World prices for a one day pass will cost $85 (up from $82), five day passes are up 5.9 percent and 10 day passes are up 11.1 percent. You can view the entire list of pricing on Disney’s official blog.

What do you think of the latest price hike? Will the rise in cost alter your next trip to Disney or do you think the price range is fair?


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