Dorel Asia Issues Repair Bunk Bed Recall Due To Collapse and Fall Hazards


Be sure to check your bunk beds!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, issued a recall of Dorel Bunk Beds – 445,000 in the United States and 21,700 in Canada. The recall was due to the fact that the wooden side rails that run from the headboard to the footboard and hold the bunk bed’s mattress in place can split and cause the bunk bed to collapse, posing a fall hazard to consumers.

So far CPSC and Dorel Asia have received 23 reports of the side rails cracking or breaking, including seven reports of minor bruises or abrasions.

Bunks with the labels pictured above and/or if any of the colors and model numbers matching the ones below are included in the recall.

Model Number           Color        Manufacture Date Range
TG2070 (242/07/1472)         Espresso     07-2008 to 12-2008
TG2070-1CE (249/13/0024) Espresso    08-2008 to 12-2008
TG2070W (242/07/1468)     White         06-2008 to 11-2008
WM1848                                    Pine            08-2006 to 07-2007
WM1848R                                 Pine            07-2007 to 12-2007
WM1848R2                               Pine           01-2008 to 02-2009
WM1848R2DC                        Pine            07-2008 to 03-2009
DA1026W                               White           07-2004 to 01-2008
DA1026RW                            White           03-2008 to 03-2009
DA1026P                                 Pine             08-2004 to 01-2008
DA1026RP                              Pine             03-2008 to 03-2009

The beds were manufactured in Vietnam and sold from September 2004 through September 2009 for roughly $190 at Walmart, Kmart and Target stores and online at, and

If you own one of these bunk beds, you should immediately contact Dorel Asia to receive a free repair kit. Until consumers obtain and install the repair kit, consumers should take down the bunk beds and only use them as separate twin beds.

For additional information, contact Dorel Asia at (800) 295-1980 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at

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