Wally The Doggie Hat & Mitt Set Rates High On The Cute Factor!

This little set has become an adorable addition to my toddler’s winter wardrobe! My 18 month old calls this her “doggy” hat. It is made of soft fluffy fleece on the outside and a super warm fleece on the inside. Two layers of thick fleece equal one warm hat and pair of mitts.

This hat and mitt combo rates high on the cute factor. The number of “cute” comments we get from strangers when she’s wearing it, is off the charts. I have about 5 different winter hats for Anna, but this is the one she grabs when I tell her we are going outside.

The chin strap is a fantastic addition, as it brings the ear flaps down over her ears and cheeks so that she stays nice and cozy. This feature also prevents her from taking it off and tossing it out of the stroller like she does with her other caps. The mitts are nice also, although she can now get them off by herself. Because of the white fleece, they don’t stay clean for very long, but this is nothing a little wash can’t fix.

This set, officially called “Wally the Doggy Hat”, can be ordered through My Baby Clothes Boutique. Although the website gears this hat towards boys, I think it looks pretty darn cute on my little girl too!

I love this little ensemble and apparently, by the amount of use it gets, my daughter is also in love. I’m a little sad they don’t make it in bigger sizes, as she will soon out-grow this one. We will just have to pass it along so another baby can soak up all the cuteness that inevitably comes along with wearing this adorable set.

Price: $16.99 currently on sale for $8.99 at My Baby Clothes Boutique.

*Thank you to My Baby Clothes Boutique for providing this sample for review!*

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