Introducing The Ducati Monster Motorcycle For Kids – Yes, There Is Such A Thing!

If your kid is a real motorcycle enthusiast, boy do I have a gift for them! A Ducati. Yes Ducati as in the motorcycle! Can you believe it? Peg Perego has made their very own off-road Ducati Monster Motorcycle, complete with its very own rubber wrapped tires, durable frame and front (as well as rear) socks. The 12-volt battery and double motors give it a real boos allowing speeds up to 5 mph.

The Peg Perego Ducati Monster comes with training wheels and a high-speed lockout for beginners, a twist grip on/off, working brake and adjustable rear view mirrors. Whether your child wants to take on dirt, grass or any hard surface, the Ducati Monster is designed to provide one heck of an adventure!

Price: $329.99 from F.A.O Schwarz

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