Westminster Abbey Tops Our List For London ‘Must Sees’

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. Like most large cities, it is busy, crazy and oh so ridiculously expensive, but the richness of history and British culture leaves you feeling as though you came out of a Pride and Prejudice movie.

Every time the holidays roll along, my mind starts filling with memories of London. Everyone says there is nothing like New York City during the holidays, well, I would beg to differ. London is stunning during the Christmas holidays and one of the best times to go if you are looking to save a buck.

When you mention ‘London’ to a child the first thing that they usually relate the city to is Big Ben and those double-decker buses. For me, the top must-see is Westminster Abbey – hands down. It may not be the first attraction that comes to mind when traveling with children, however I can assure you the gothic architecture and beautiful monuments will take your family’s breath away. When I visited the Abbey in my teens, I was quickly drawn to Poet’s corner. My favorite writers, poets and classic authors were all honored on stone tablets. It was something I will never forget.

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