Cute Hand Warmers For Kids!

I’ve been browsing children’s products again this afternoon and have just stumbled across the cutest discovery. Words cannot express how much I adore these cute ‘Hand Warmers’ from The Dot Com Gift Shop and I think they would be perfect for keeping your little one’s hands warm in their pockets this winter!

Mini hottie pocket warmer provides self-heating and rechargeable heat for your hands. The heat is easily activated by flexing a metal disc inside the gel. The chemical reaction then produces warmth in seconds and will last for around 40 minutes. You can reuse them by boiling it for 15 minutes until the contents have liquefied. It can then be reused.

They are priced at £4.95 each and my absolute favourite just has to be the cheeky little owl design below. Look at his little face, what’s not to love?! The colours are vibrant, autumnal and fun and they are practical for when the weather begins to get really cold.

I also think that these would make fantastic little stocking filler gifts for children and teens. Small, cute and completely irresistible!

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