Tartine et Chocolat: Soft Toys From France

They are known for their sumptuous bed linens and gorgeous childrenswear, but one thing many people aren’t aware of, is that Tartine et Chocolat also creates gorgeous, plush soft toys.

The adorable characters in the Tartine et Chocolat animal set: Augustin, the rabbit, Ferdinand, the elephant (pictured above), Gaston, “The Pooh”, Léon, the hedgehog and Prosper, the polar bear (pictured above), come in various sizes and your choice of cream, rose and baby blue.

Augustine has delicate embroidery on his leg, taking the initials of Tartine et Chocolat. His large floppy ears make him extra cuddly! Prices range from 17.00 € to 61.00 €.

Gaston, “The Pooh” is a legend for children and babies! The initials of Tartine et Chocolat are embroidered on his belly. Prices range 17.00 € to 58.26 € .

Who doesn’t love hedgehogs? Unlike the prickly ones, Léon is soft and cuddly with his shaggy fur.

All of the toys above can be purchased directly through the online Tartine et Chocolate boutique.

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