Amazing Magical Fairy Houses – Stunning Houses Made From Natural Materials

Sometimes you come across something that is just so unique and magical that you have to share the details with everyone. Well recently we stumbled across these amazing magical fairy houses made by Debbie and Mike Schramer and found ourselves wanting to do just that!

Creating magical and enchanting fairy houses by using natural products is all part of everyday life for this couple as they spend hours foraging in woodland and natural environments for products including flowers, bark wood and more that would look just perfect in their creations. These houses are custom made by hand and it shows with every attention to detail being paid as you look closer and closer at each individual piece.

Real flowers, branches, vines, roots, moss and leaves are used in the creation of these houses. They can measure anywhere from 1 to 5 feet tall and are filled with wandering stairways, little rooms with tiny furniture, dishes, paintings, books, etc. all made from nature, too. Little creatures, characters, people and animals are made to go along with the houses, as well as individual pieces of fairy furniture.

Debbie and Mike have also created a whimsical children’s film abut a magical house, titled ‘The Enchanted Treehouse’ featuring cute little hand made characters living in one of their own massive, awe inspiring fairy houses. You can take a look here for more information on The Enchanted Treehouse DVD.

With a wonderful range of designs to choose from, kids and adults will be sure to fall in love with these houses, I know I have!

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