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For some people, artistic creativity comes easy, but  I have heard many mothers say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” Children, on the other hand, love creating with their hands regardless if they think they have any talent or not. For them, it is more about the process of playing with the tools and mixing the different mediums than it is the final outcome. Artterro has done the hard part for those “uncreative mothers” and packaged the potential for cherished masterpieces using quality products in their kits.

At very affordable prices, Artterro provides you with all the necessary tools and supplies to get you started. The kits supply enough materials to complete several projects, but are not exhaustive in their scope or design. By the time your child finishes a project, he will know if he liked it enough to get involved on a larger scale. These kits are a great way to “taste test” many different arts and crafts without turning your home into a mini Hobby Lobby..

Paint With Wool:

The first kit my children dove into was the Paint With Wool Portrait Kit. The instructions were clearly written and the process simply explained so that I didn’t need to reteach the directions. After a short period of time of focused inspiration, a wonderful keepsake was created. Our one disappointment was the needles were very delicate and broke easily. This seems to be the nature of needle felting and not the fault of Artterro. This won’t present a problem for those who have access to a local hobby store, but for those living in remote areas, acquiring more needles quickly becomes inhibitive for future needle felting.

I wouldn’t recommend this kit for younger children or those with a heavy hand. Even for those who have a delicate touch, I would still anticipate breaking a few needles in the process of learning how to properly “jab” the needle into the wool. Acquiring the proper foam pad used specifically for needle felting is sure to make a difference in the life of the needle;  the rolled towel option in place of the foam pad was not forgiving enough for inexperienced hands. Overall, we loved this project and can’t wait to order more needles (lots of needles) for future wooly wonders.

Wire and Bead Art Kit:

Children seem to intuitively know exactly what to do with wire and beads, forgoing the directions altogether! One glance at the pictures was enough inspiration to set my children’s hands to  bending, beading and twisting the wire into shape. Artterro provided many colorful gauges of wire, all of which were easy to bend and cut without the use of pliers or wire snips, and enough beads to inspire delightful designs. This kit is very user friendly, especially for the younger children whose hands may still be a bit clumsy. For those who enjoy creating with instant gratification, this kit provides the necessary components to do so.

Bookmaking Kit:

Around our house, we love books: reading, writing and making. We were looking forward to receiving this kit in order to learn Artterro’s technique in basic bookmaking. As my one son looked through the kit, he was a bit disappointed in the lack of “manly” designs on the paper. We felt our kit also lacked coordinated design groupings, which gave the books a visual chaos we didn’t care for. The instructions were also a bit complicated for the younger children to understand, and required additional adult instruction and assistance. I had to read and experiment with the sewing instructions several times before I scrapped them altogether and came up with something I liked.  As a kit, the quality of product  was great, but we were disappointed in the overall color coordinations of the paper offered in our  package. Of the three kits, this one needed the most adult supervision and instruction.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed Artterro’s kits and felt they accomplished what they promised; to provide quality, yet affordable projects for families inspired to create. So, if you are one of those “uncreative mother’s” who need a bit of inspiration, or if you want to try a particular craft technique to see if you will enjoy the process before getting in too deep, I would recommend Artterro as an excellent resource and place to start.

Price: $16.95 directly through Arttero

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