The Guncles Introduce Us To Baby Simone!

What a doll!

Scout Masterson and Bill Horn, aka ‘The Guncles’ are parents! The Gay Uncles from Oxygen’s `Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood` introduced us to their beautiful 6-week-old daughter Simone Lynne. The little girl’s Godmother, Tori Spelling, was beaming in the photos and looks as proud as can be!

In the previous season of Tori & Dean, viewers experienced Bill and Scout’s commitment ceremony which was planned by Tori as well as the beginning of their journey towards parenthood through the open adoption process. Since then, The Guncles have received a large, mixed male and female fan base of all ages.

I love Simone’s beautiful dress from H&M! Scout keeps his daughter close to his heart with a silver dog tag necklace from POSH Mommy engraved with Simone Lynn’s weight and length.

Liam Mcdermott‘s toes snuck in this shot and from the looks of it, the little tot had a recent pedicure! Simone’s gorgeous round change table comes from Time For A Change.

Photo Credit: Albert Michael/Startracks

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