The New Diaper Bag: Out With The Old and In With The New

Once upon a time, diaper bags were big, bulky, pastel colored affairs decorated with cartoon characters and storks. While that look might have went well with the diaper clad babies that used them, it often clashed with the moms that wore them. Enter, the new diaper bag.

Today’s mom is chic, funky, and fabulous. She’s not afraid to let her inner fashion out. Goodbye mom jeans, hello fashion icon. So it would seem completely out of place to still be carrying around that old, ugly diaper bag. Thankfully, fashion designers got the hint.

For the mom on the go, there are diaper bags available in any style you can imagine. Want a chic, big purse look? You got it! Want to be a little wild with animal prints? No problem! Silly, sweet, and completely funky, diaper bags today are designed with mom’s personality in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are carrying around diapers and toys, you can still look good.

Modern diaper bags are also designed to be more functional than other bags from the past. Pockets, liners, and zipper pouches mean you can find your cell phone, and not cry over a spilled sippy cup. Because moms today have so much more to carry than just diapers and an extra set of baby clothes, newer bags are created to hold more and hold it all safely. Durable plastics mean diaper bags will resist more wear and tear, and clean ups are a breeze.

Moms today feel more free to let their personalities shine. No longer trapped behind their children’s fashion, moms are busting out as icons on their own. Moms are ditching the old images of motherhood – mom jeans, mom hair cuts, and mom bags. Carrying a diaper bag no longer just screams “mom”. Now it can scream “mom in style” for everyone to notice!

By Summer Minor – Summer consults for My Baby Clothes Boutique, where mom’s can find the perfect baby accessories for their little divas.

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