Tori Spelling, Stella & Liam Show Off Their ‘Team’ Spirit!

Team Edward! Tori Spelling and her children Liam and Stella were photographed while out for their morning walk last week (June 23).¬† Liam gave mom a ‘high five’ in his Fresno Raceway tee, while his little sister held on to her Team Bella Water Bottle.

Not to be left out, Stella then puckered up for mama giving her a sweet smooch. So sweet! Sometimes the paparazzi catch the most precious moments!

Stella wore a pair of her favorite Saltwater Sandals in Lime Green and a pretty black and white checkered jumper. She keeps her family close with her little beaded bracelet which spells out ‘Tori’, ‘Dean’, ‘Liam’, and ‘Stella’. Riding in style, Stella strolled¬† along in Phil & Teds new Smart Buggy which just hit stores recently.

Photo Credit: Albert Michael

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