The New Hx2 Shoe For Kids: Heelys Announces North American Launch

Heelys just announced the launch of the Hx2, a two wheeled version of their tradition Heelys, but for kids!

Heelys are innovative wheeled footwear that allows you to seamlessly transition from walking or running to rolling by simply shiting weight to the heel. You can also transform the Heelys into street shoes by removing the wheel and replacing the heel cavities (adaptors) with heel plugs.

The new Hx2 has two removable wheels in each shoe making it ideal for younger wearers. This makes it easier to maintain balance and doesn’t require as much leg strength from little ones to lift up their toes to skate. As they get the hang of skating, though, the Hx2 can be converted into a regular pair of Heelys for a more challenging ride simply by removing one of the wheels.

“We’re confident that our young customers here will find the HX2 both easy to use and lots of fun,” said Tom Hansen, chief executive officer of Heelys. He added, “We’ve had many requests from parents for our products in larger sizes, so that they can be part of the fun with their kids.”

Pop out both wheels and the Hx2 becomes a regular street shoe! The Hx2 will be available in mid-July in sizes 12C–3 at a number of different retailers, including Zappos. They are said to retail for $54.99.

Although Hx2 is aimed at a younger market, Heelys will also be producing larger sizes for adults and parents. The adult sizes are said to make their debut this fall.

“We’re making larger sizes for moms and dads who want to join in the fun and get some great exercise,” said Rick Groesch, vice president of Brand Engagement at Heelys. “We’re more than happy to make Heelys a part of family fun times, especially when it promotes fitness and an active lifestyle as well.”

Two wheeled versions of Heelys have been a hit in Japan for some time. Sales last year topped 300,000 pairs, more than double the 2008 total!

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