New From Combi – Kobuk Air Thru Highback to Backless Booster

Combi USA has relaunched the Kobuk, adding on a new feature and increasing the weight limitation. First introduced in 2007, the Kobuk now accommodates up to 125 pounds and offers the new Air-Thru feature, with which the vented shell allows hot air to escape and cool air to rush in with two air vents in both the seat back and seat base. Additional vents in both the headrest and mesh fabric allow for air circulation throughout the seat.

To ensure a proper fit, the highback is height adjustable and should be used so that the child’s ears are below the top of the seat back. The booster may be used backless if the child’s ears are below the top edge of the vehicle seat back or headrest and the built-in belt guides allow for the proper vehicle seat belt positioning.

The Kobuk Air-Thru is said to accommodate children from age 3, between 33 and 125 pounds and from 33 to 57 inches in height, with or without the highback.

Price: $89.99 (regular $129.99), through Comfort 1st

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