Council Of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness & The Men Who Could Be Me

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read this book, it is not just for dads! Bruce is a master story-teller, that touches your heart with his genuine spirit and incredible strength. You can’t help but walk away changed and inspired to rethink your life and actions. Life is so very precious!

When Bruce Feiler, the New York Times bestselling author, young husband and father of two is diagnosed with cancer, he immediately worries about how it will affect his children and what their lives will be like without him. He then reaches out to 6 of his closest friends and asks them to be a part of his daughters lives, teach them life lessons and give the advice he would be unable to do; how to see, how to travel, how to question, how to dream. Those men he calls the Council of Dads.

During his exhausting chemotherapy regime, Feiler details the physical and emotional effects of the disease and how it took a toll on his family. He writes that at one of his lowest points he snapped at his wife and children, then broke down in tears. “I was a wreck,” he writes. “Our home had become a gruesome parade of psychological disfigurement.” But along the way, the wisdom and strength he gathers from his Council, coupled with the beauty and humor he discovers in his own family, transforms his “Lost Year” into a “Jubilee Year” of reconnection and renewal.

The layout is unique as it consists of both the narration of the story and personal letters from Feiler to his family. Bruce pulls you in to this beautifully written book making you feel as though you are right there with him. He ends with the letter to his little girls – one he prays they will never have to read. In the letter he explains about the Council of Dads and gives them fatherly advice and wisdom.

The book is a hardcover complete with dust jacket. Suggested retail is $22.99 but is selling it for $15.63.

*Harper Collins sent us a copy of this book in order to facilitate this review*

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