It’s Time For A Change – A Round Change Table That Is!

Personally, I find change tables a real nuisance and opted out of purchasing on for our girls. Once your babies are out of diapers, this piece of furniture becomes virtually useless. Well, welcome to the future of baby changing tables! Time For a Change is a brand new company who has patented the round change table, one that offers many advantages over your standard changing table.

The round design keeps your baby safe if he/she rolls around and makes changes easier for you as it eliminates the awkward side angle of standard tables. This unit easily fits into the corner without taking up wall space and you still get the same length as a standard changing table but double the width, giving you extra room for your diapers, wipes etc.

My favourite feature takes care of my biggest change table pet peeve. Once your baby is out of diapers, you can remove the pad to reveal a beautiful piece of furniture that can easily work in any area of your home!

The design for the Time For a Change Round Table is so fantastic that it placed in the top ten in the Whirlpool Mother of Invention Contest 2008 from over 3000 entries!

Made from solid oak, this high end piece is meant to last a lifetime. It comes in white, Cherry, Chocolate and light wood. Time For a Change is now accepting pre-orders that are expected to ship by late summer. There is quite a waiting list at the moment, so be sure to reserve your spot. You can find more information by visiting their website or on their official Facebook page.

Price: $799.00 including the round pad and a pad cover.

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