Squid London Makes Rainy Days Magical With Their Amazing Umbrellas

It’s a rainy day and my daughter is jumping in puddles and twirling her umbrella above her head and having the time of her life. The way the rain turns everything fresh and new again makes my heart sing and these umbrellas certainly add light and colour to those dark and cloudy days.

“Deutsche Bank award finalists Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes, co-founders and directors of SquidLondon have impressed some of the top names in the industry, designing the costumes for the London Olympics handover ceremony in Beijing, announcing their latest stockist ‘MoMA’ Museum of Modern Art New York, being commissioned by ‘Tate’ to create an umbrella collection inspired by the ‘Reinventing Colour Chart’ Exhibition, having had a collection sold at the world renown ‘ArtBasel’ fair and exhibiting an interactive display unit at Selfridges Wonder Room.”

This talented team has created an amazing line of umbrellas that change colour in the rain. As as the rain hits the panels,this monochromatic umbrella bursts into colour, making it a walking piece of art. Once dry, the umbrella returns to it’s original black and white design. The ‘Bird Squit’ is inspired by London and the multitude of pigeons in the city. Price: £25.00

The Squidarella is Squid London’s first ever children’s umbrella. Starting off as white and blue, little ducks and rain flow appear as the umbrella gets wet. Children’s eyes light up when they witness this magical sight! The Duck Squidarella measures 61 cms in length and very light. It has a wonderfully gliterry blue handle and velcro strap to close the panels after use.

Price: £20.00 GBP

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