Explore The Exotic Beauty Of The Costa Rican Rain Forest With Family Friendly Packages

Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica Atlantic and Pacific parks are now offering family friendly packages suitable for all ages. Children and their parents can explore the breathtaking beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest in a safe and educational environment.

The Colors and Textures of the Tropical Forest tour is complemented with a flight through the treetops on the parks’ signature Aerial Tram and a delicious traditional Costa Rican meal. At Costa Rica Atlantic, the tour includes the 2,150 square-foot Butterfly and Frog Garden filled with countless numbers of native insects and amphibians.

This five-hour package includes a number of interactive workshops and captivating guided tours. Families will be fully immersed in the center of the rainforest’s ecosystems to discover its hidden secrets through sensory exploration and entertaining experiments.

“Guides will greet guests and “tattoo” them with a safe, washable natural ink that comes from the yellow fruit of a tropical plant. Then the group is lead through the Serpantarium snake exhibition, featuring 20 species of native snakes and reptiles. Next stop is the Color Station, a small garden of plants and seeds, which children use to perform an entertaining experiment. While parents continue through the Medicinal Plant Garden and Heliconias Gallery, children can continue playing in the painting workshop. They can design their own T-shirt with natural dyes, or make a fossil from exotic leaves. ”

The Colors and Textures of the Tropical Forest is available every day at the Rain Forest Aerial Trams Costa Rica Atlantic and Pacific locations and lasts from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Program is suitable for children ages three to twelve. T-shirts and other materials for workshops are provided. Recommended clothing and supplies include light clothes, insect repellent, sunscreen, binoculars and a camera. Rack rates through September 30, 2011 begin at $82.00 per child and $78.00 per adult.

Other thrilling attractions include the Zip-Line Canopy Tour, stretching 80 meters across the Molinete River, the Corinto River Trekking Tour and a Birding tour where you can view over 400 avian species.

Rain Forest Aerial Trams locations serve as wildlife reserves, ecotourism attractions and research parks with five locations in Costa Rica (Pacific and Atlantic), Saint Lucia, Dominica and Jamaica. All Rain Forest Aerial Tram parks offer a unique combination of adventure and education. Guides are professionally trained bilingual naturalists. As experts in biology and natural history, they are committed to sharing the secrets and knowledge of the rain forest passed down through generations.

For information or reservations at Rain Forest Aerial Trams, call US/Canada toll-free 1-866-759-8726 or visit www.rainforestrams.com.

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