Washable & Biodegradable Leather Bibs by Mally Designs Ltd.

Leather bibs? Now that is original!
Mally Designs was founded by a husband and wife team in early 2005, after feeling the need to design a better baby bib. A bib that “saved time and laundry while looking stylish and new” was the ultimate goal which was met when they created bibs out of leather. This innovative product feature appliqued detailing, a food-catch pocket for messy eaters and a magnetic closure which can then stick on your fridge or any other magnetic surface for easy storage.
Being naturally biodegradable, leather is the perfect material for making bibs. They wipe up easily (machine washing is not recommended) and cuts down on the amount of bibs ending up in the landfill.
Mally Bibs also personalizes bibs, which is a great idea for birthday gifts of baby showers!

All bibs are designed and manufactured in Canada and come in 2 sizes. The Baby bibs fit infants ages 6-36 months while the Toddler bibs fit 1-4 year-old children.

Price: $32.95 from Mally Designs (Be sure to check out their sale where Toddler Bibs are 30% off!)
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