We are obsessed with the Uncle Goose ABC wooden blocks in our household, and as a geographer by education and profession, the newly launched United States States Blocks only add to our excitement. Our toddler son loves to stack his German language blocks, displaying the animal sides and making the noises for each of his favorites. His letter and number recognition has developed rapidly just through his play — it’s amazing. Uncle Goose started sharing sneak peeks of this product development awhile back on their Instagram account, and I have been checking their feed ever since to find the updated […] Continue reading →

Teaching my daughter to sign at a very young age has been one of the greatest communication tools I possibly could have given her. The folks at Little Sapling Toys know this too, and so they’ve created a fun new set of blocks featuring both the letters of the alphabet, and their corresponding American Sign Language signs. Made from Walnut, Maple and Cherry wood, lightly finish with local beeswax (from Idaho) and organic jojoba oil, this collection of 26, 1.5″ square blocks have been sanded smooth to ensure no tiny splinters find your toddlers’ hands. The letters/signs are also etched […] Continue reading →

What a unique idea! Hand painted and artistically designed, these decorative wooden blocks are created using your own digital photos. Choose between black and white, sepia or colored photos on black, white or red blocks (other colors available upon request). Each block is made from wood and created with a distressed finish. They measure 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ each. Gorgeous! Price: $6 per block from mleeflipps on […] Continue reading →