wendy bellissimo

I’m loving these collaborations with Destination Maternity! Wendy Bellissimo is the latest designer to join forces with the maternity line which is set to launche in-store this August. Inspired by Wendy’s signature boho-chic styles, this collection of clothing and accessories is designed for comfort and style for moms-to-be and beyond. Maxi-dresses, layering tops, on-trend denim and double zipper front pockets, tribal-inspired sweaters, moto jackets and scarves. The pieces can be layered into existing wardrobes and are great for wearing beyond your pregnancy to post-pregnancy. The collection will be available in Destination Maternity and Motherhood Maternity stores and online beginning this […] Continue reading →

I’m sure you’e heard of Wendy Bellissimo. She is practically a household name in the baby market, having created and designed products ranging from apparel to nursery décor. Footwear News has reported that the designer is stepping into the footwear business with a gorgeous collection for babies and […] Continue reading →