“What does the FOX say?” I’m sure you’ve heard that song by now and if so, I apologize for the ear worm which has just made its way into your head. If you haven’t, here’s the latest song to sweep the nation with its incredible weirdness. Even Siri has caught on! Ask her one more time and she’ll say, “Chacha-chacha-chacha-chow!” Anyways, back to what I was saying originally. This song is the newest and hottest thing right now, which is why you may have noticed an abundance of fox items. Here are some of our favourite “foxy” handmade apparel and […] Continue reading →

Known for their quirky and unusual designs, Marithé+François Girbaud has designed their fall kidswear collection with asymmetrical cuts, polka dots and bright colours, taking inspiration from “world fashion” and offering a very playful mix of materials and […] Continue reading →

Vegan boots are one of those fashion accessories that get me really excited. Why sacrifice style for ethics when you don’t have to? Vegan mamas: Feel free to love the look of “leather” and don’t shy away from “suede”! Not with these 5 fabulous cruelty-free options to choose from. (I’ll bet expectant vegan mamas Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman and Alyssa Milano would approve!) These Cumin Wedges (available in 6 different colours) are adorable. My feet are doing a little happy dance just looking at them! How fierce are these Lumberjack Booties with their 4 3/4″ heel? Cozy Vegan Wrap Boots […] Continue reading →

I was debating on whether or not to even write about this, because they are so incredibly awful. But, then again we do write about the latest ‘trends’ and well, believe it or not, this is becoming a trend! I don’t understand it for the life of me, but Jumpin Jammerz are extremely popular this year. Taking inspiration from babies (as in newborns to 24 months), this pajama company has gone up a few sizes and made footed pajamas for grown women (and men). The newly introduced children’s versions are kind of cute, but for adults? Really? What do you […] Continue reading →

Once again, my attraction to the latest ‘gothic’ and ‘rock’ type fashions popular here in the UK right now has led me to discover some lovely products, this time I’m taking a look at this cool and cute set of boys socks from the boutique Dimples and Dandelions which have a very on trend, edgy set of products. These socks are perfect for keeping your little one’s feet warm and make a wonderful alternative to plain and boring children’s sock and will pretty much make getting dressed in the morning a whole lot more fun! They come in a set featuring […] Continue reading →

These are officially the cutest jeggings for kids, I have come across all year. Chopstix Kids is a premium line of faux denim jeggings, that recently launched their first full-collection. From “Bling” designs to “Classic”, Chopstix Kids has literally perfected the jegging. The fabric is silky and soft, made from  a polycotton/Lycra mix (71% Cotton 4% Polyester and 5% Lycra), that is as durable and resilient as it is soft and comfortable. My girls live in leggings and love to wear them with skirts, tops, dresses – you name it. These are such a nice and classy change from the classic […] Continue reading →

Monnalisa, is the latest designer to join the numerous luxury brands who have designed their own baby bottle. We wrote about this trend last month listing some of the top bottles on the market from Burberry to D&G. I guess luxury baby bottles and soothers are becoming more and more popular! This particular set includes a 240 ml pink feeding bottle and soother, both of which include a light grey case made from a wool mix and adorned with rose embroidery, velvet, polka dot ribbon and sparkling diamante. Price: £56.95 You can also purchase the matching diaper bag in the […] Continue reading →