St. Patrick’s Day is next week! Like many other small holidays, I think it’s fun to celebrate with a few special things – Maybe with green pancakes, a fun shamrock craft project, and a special new gift for my kiddos. We don’t go crazy with St. Patrick’s Day, but we still like to make it special. If you are looking for a fun green toy to give your little leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, here are some great ones to choose from!   1 – This recycling truck by Green Toys is absolutely fabulous. (We actually have the pink one […] Continue reading →

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Minnie and the Monster

  This day and age, it’s hard to find a truly adorable, one-of-a-kind toy. Especially of the handmade type. Back in November, I was searching for a sweet nativity set to get for my girls for the Christmas season. Everything I found was either cheap and plastic or really expensive and breakable. Doing one final search on Etsy, I stumbled across Minnie and the Monster, an adorable shop featuring handcrafted wooden playthings, including the sweetest simple nativity I’ve ever […] Continue reading →

dinovember 4

Earlier this month, articles began surfacing about a couple of rather creative parents who decided to spark the imaginations of their children by staging complex tableaus of dinosaurs around their home each night in November, aka Dinovember! Every night during the month of November (such a fun lead up to the magic of the holiday season!) Refe Tuma and his wife set up some cute toy dinos in some precarious, sometimes mischievous, circumstances all around the house — the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond have all been targeted by these cheeky reptiles, with hysterical consequences! As dad Refe puts it: In a time […] Continue reading →


It’s never too early to introduce your child to geography! Alyparrott on Etsy has designed the perfect toy for little hands that introduces your baby to the world in a soft and gentle way. Soft wool felt is used to create this handcrafted set of continent pillows. Each one is hand embroidered with text that denotes the continents and […] Continue reading →

Moulin Roty is one of my absolute favorite children’s companies. Started as a communal living village in France amongst 20 friends in the early 1970’s, Moulin Roty focused their founding on values of solidarity, sharing and respect. They began by launching soft doll and toy car product lines, and they have now grown to have over 14 ranges of items, with many more items offered within each range. The Les Zazous line is comprised of soft, shaggy, plush animals with weighted bean bag bottoms and long arms slender enough for an infant’s […] Continue reading →

The Japanese luggage company master-piece has come out with something super fun. They’ve added a collection of ‘finger boards’ to their line of leather goods, duffel bags, totes and backpacks. These scaled down toy skateboards are currently available in a assortment of different colors with the label’s branding on the underside of the board. If you purchase a copy of the company’s EXTRA ISSUE Vol. 1, you will automatically receive a complimentary “Little SK8ers” Finger Skateboard at no additional charge. These novelty boards are available now in select master-piece shops across Asia. […] Continue reading →

Who doesn’t love Build-A-Bear? This interactive make-your-own stuffed animal experience is a winner with the kids. Not only can you create your own stuffed animal, you can dress them up too! And now, your child can dress them up as their favorite princess. Yes, that’s right Disney has partnered with Build-A-Bear for a special collection of gowns and has even introduced a brand new bear – The Disney Princess Bear. Continue […] Continue reading →