Quantum of the Seas Robot Bar

Note: Travel and accommodations were provided by Royal Caribbean. All words and photos are mine. Video is courtesy of Royal Caribbean. I have to admit, the thing I got most excited about when boarding Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas for the first time was the promise of tech. We were able to sign up for mini-tours and this cruise was so chock full on innovations that a newbie cruiser like myself was over the moon. We got to visit the bridge and hear about safety from the captain himself. We went below deck to see how the ship recycles […] Continue reading →

Can you believe there was once a time when gadgets were truly a luxury rather than a necessity? I know, it’s almost impossible to imagine — especially now that we live in a world where technology is on the forefront. My husband jokes that my smartphone is invisibly attached to my body, as it is always by my side. But the truth is, technology helps me on a daily basis both in my personal and professional life. And when it comes to parenting, there are several gadgets in particular that keep me organized, make sure I’m on time, and grant […] Continue reading →

Techies everywhere are in their glory checking out the latest and greatest in electronics and technology at the CES Show in Vegas this week. One of the more fashionable launches announced, was by Watchz. The company’s first line of watch straps, the Q Collection, was introduced nationwide in over 250 Apple stores and on Apple.com and was quickly moved to the top spot in the new market of iPod Nano Watchbands.This patented watch integration system allows users to transform their 6th generation iPod Nano into a stylish wristwatch. How does it work? You simply Press, Slide and then Click. Due […] Continue reading →

When the iPad launched earlier this year, people were scrambling to purchase Apple’s latest hot new gadget and I for one, was quite skeptical. I felt as though this giant iPod Touch was over-hyped and quite honestly couldn’t understand how it would form useful in day-to-day life. Apple sent us the iPad to review a couple of months ago and I have to say, my views and findings on this gadget are not what I had expected. For children, the iPad is a brilliant, educational device with a powerful format to teach and grow your child’s mind and intelligence. There […] Continue reading →

Apple unveiled the new iPhone several days ago and by golly they’ve done it yet again! Gorgeous display, video calling, HD video recording and a double sided 5-megapixel camera – the new iPhone has everything you would ever need. My iTouch is no longer mine as my daughter has claimed it for her own. Apps, games, Little Pim, music – all hers! After watching the commercial below, I’m almost completely sold on the idea of switching over – (and I would have my iTunes back!). Directed by Sam Mendes, this gorgeous commercial is sweet and touching. *Sniff* This changes everything. […] Continue reading →

http://www.ladyandtheblog.com/2010/05/24/haiden-surf-everything-your-little-boy-needs-to-gear-up-for-summertime-fun/ http://blogs.babble.com/famecrawler/2010/05/21/get-it-katherine-heigl%E2%80%99s-daughter-strides-rite-plus-special-discount/ […] Continue reading →