After dare I say it – 7 1/2 months of cold snowy weather (yes it snowed in May), I have finally been able to shrug off the heavy coats and replace them with tanks and tees. We’ve also been able to take our new wheels for a few spins. The Stokke Xplory is a luxury stroller that I’ve had a crush on for quite some time now. It’s elegant look has always appealed to me, and although I’ve played with it during tradeshows and events and seen it pushed by countless celebrities, I’ve never had a chance to really test […] Continue reading →

September is my favorite month for so many reasons. There are so many family birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions to look forward to and fashion is at it’s peek. Check your nearest newsstand and you’ll notice the magazines are double to triple the size, filled to the brim with fashions, trends and the hottest styles of the season. From suits and sashes to hair styles and nail colors, there is so much to look forward to this season. And with the frost this morning I can officially say that I am SO ready. I love when trends translate into the […] Continue reading →

Blankets and sweaters are what most parents use to drape across their stroller during blustery days to protect their babies from the hot sun, wind, dust and germs. The CityShade is a new must-have stroller accessory that provides protection from those elements in a stylish manner. The CityShade was invented by a mom who was frustrated with the lack of shades and protectors for her $900 Bugaboo and decided to design a chic cover for higher end strollers. The CityShade can be closed tightly in windy weather or partially opened for visibility. In an array of colors that complement all […] Continue reading →